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Most Sensitive Condom in the World

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We received a press release from the makers of Kimono Condoms questioning the claim of Durex Sensi Thin Condoms questioning the truth of Durex’ claim that Sensi Thin Condoms are the “Thinnest” Condom in the world.

Kimono claims that through independant studies its Kimono Micro Thin Condom is thinner then Durex’.

Here are excerpts from the actual press release:

Kimono MicroThin claims to be “America’s Thinnest Latex Condom.” Now, we see in the marketplace that Durex SensiThin claims to be the “World’s Thinnest Latex Condom.” Recently, Kimono received a copy of a presentation being distributed to the trade by Durex making claims about its product and making misrepresentations about Kimono MicroThin condoms. Kimono wanted to get to the bottom of this issue.

To check Durex’s claim as the “World’s Thinnest Latex Condom” Kimono conducted testing of random lots of Durex SensiThin along with Kimono MicroThin condoms. We used the internationally recognized condom standard ISO 4074:2002 and applied two protocols: Mass Method and the Physical Method (micrometer). Regardless of method,the results did not show Durex SensiThin to be thinner than Kimono MicroThin. Each and every lot we tested showed  Kimono MicroThin to be thinner.

If Kimono MicroThin is thinner than Durex SensiThin, then SensiThin cannot be the “World’s Thinnest Latex Condom.” Additionally, the Durex marketing materials misrepresent Kimono MicroThin. They falsely state our specification and falsely indicate MicroThin thickness that is not comparable to any lot of product we have shipped in the last 12 months (we test every single lot to ensure conformance to our specification).

Kimono notified SLL Americas, the manufacturer of Durex Brand, about these matters and their false claims. SSL informs us that they are in the process of “removing the claim that Durex SensiThin condoms are the worlds thinnest latex condoms that meet ISO 4074:2002” from their packaging and marketing materials
Regardless of intention, SSL America’s actions harm the goodwill and reputation of Kimono and the Kimono Brand which has been built over the past 20 years. As a socially responsible company, Kimono s takes our products, marketing, education, customer service, and commitment to quality very, very seriously. We expect our competitors to do the same.

Our Take:
We have not yet tested the claims of Kimono or Durex however we believe the Crown Skinless Skin to be the World’s Thinnest Condom. Based on dimension provided by Durex, Kimono and Crown.. It would go SensiThin, Crown Skinless then Kimono MicroThin..

More surely to come!

To Order These Products : Kimono Micro Thin CondomDurex SensiThin Condom | Crown Skinless Skin Condom

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